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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Academy Is... - About A Girl [Music Video - TVRip]

The video for the single revolves around William Beckett and his bandmates in high school. Beckett has it made; he has the girl, the friends and the popularity. However, this turns out to just be a daydream; his sole friends at school are his bandmates and the girl is in a relationship with a jock football player.

Throughout the course of the video, Beckett dreams of having the girl until finally, they embrace and drive off in what appears to be another one of his daydreams. However, this daydream is revealed to be that of the girl's, longing for Beckett though trapped in a relationship with another guy. Beckett and her exchange eye contact, creating a possible future for the two.

This music video was created as a spoof of Fast Times at Ridgemont High. The iconic daydream sequence in the film may have influenced the theme of the video. It was filmed at the same location Fast Times was shot, Van Nuys Senior High School, in Van Nuys, CA.

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Pink - Sober [Music Video - TVRip]

The music video was filmed in the last days of September in Stockholm, Sweden. A live video from London has been used in Australia and New Zealand to promote for the song until the official music video was released on November 25.

The video starts with views from the city and then a little TV is turned on in Pink's bedroom and Pink appears in white. The song starts, and Pink is shown in the bedroom lying on the bed alone, and a girl is shown walking out of the door of the room. As the first verse starts, Pink is shown sitting on a sofa in a party where her doppelgänger is drunk and flirting with different girls and guys. Pink's doppelgänger is shown in the bathroom, throwing up.

Pink enters the bathroom and sits beside her doppelgänger who seemed disturbed and then walks out. Pink is now lying on the bed, her doppelgänger calls her up, but Pink doesn't answer her cell. As the chorus begins, Pink is shown singing on her bed in her bedroom and on the sofa in the party. And then disturbing pictures of a white room where Pink is dressed with white outfit and wearing a white pageboy wig are shown. Verse 2 is sang in the same location.

As the chorus starts again, Pink is shown walking in the room where the party was held where everybody is blacked out and drunk, including her doppelgänger. Various scenes from the video are then shown and the video ends with one of the Pink's walking out of the door of the bedroom leaving the other Pink alone. It is unknown whether Sony will show the video on music channels, as it shows very sexual lesbian scenes with Pink and herself.

When the lesbian scene begins, Pink is lying on the bed, just wearing knickers and her bra. The other Pink then enters the room and climbs on top of the one on the bed, wearing the same clothes. They then both start having sexual intercourse with each other and start kissing each other very sexually. They the later start touching each other's legs, and start touching the breasts. After that, they then un-clip they're bra's. However, Pink's breasts are not shown.

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