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Friday, May 16, 2008

Simple Plan - Your Love Is A Lie [Music Video - TVRip]

The band flew to Los Angeles to shoot the new music video. It was shot on March 6th. The video has been directed/produced by Wayne Isham. The video is a straightforward representation of the song.

It intersperses shots of the band playing (later in the video, amid wind-blown blossoms) with shots of a woman meeting (and presumably having sex) with a man, while Bouvier, betrayed by the woman, waits in agony in his apartment. After 2 weeks, the video has 1,000,000 views on YouTube.

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Madonna - 4 Minutes [Music Video - TVRip]

The music video was filmed at Black Island Studios in London from January 30 to February 2, 2008 with Timberlake and Timbaland, directed by French duo Jonas & Fran├žois (Justice's "D.A.N.C.E."), with choreography by Jamie King.

The music video begins with Timbaland performing his opening lines, in front of a screen showing exactly four minutes in the format of minutes:seconds:frames (NTSC). After some brief scenes of Madonna and Timberlake standing faced back to the camera, it shows Madonna leaning on car while pushing it back into a house where Timberlake and Madonna both sing while removing a piece of clothing as the black background follows them both, the people living in the house seem oblivious to the black background as it removes their skin and part of their flesh.

Madonna and Timberlake then jump out the window and end up in car junk yard where they begin to dance and evade the black shapes at the same time. After this they both run into a supermarket while the same black background follows them, Madonna and Timberlake begin singing in the aisle of the supermarket while shoppers carry on as normal. Madonna and Timberlake move on to start dancing on the conveyor belt at the checkouts.

They then run into a bathroom and remove another piece of clothing while the black background follows outside, they then run out of the bathroom and appear to walk in to the same room Timbaland was seen in before, they immediately start performing choreography in front of the screen, now counting down from four minutes.

They continually dance and remove a final piece of clothing from each other as the black background comes at them from both sides. The video ends with the black background finally catching up to them while they stop dancing and move closer to each other, as it starts to eat away at their skin and flesh.

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Fall Out Boy - Beat It [Music Video - TVRip]

Before a show during the Honda Civic Tour in 2007, Fall Out Boy frontman, Patrick Stump played the riff during soundcheck and the band began playing the song with him, from then on, they began covering "Beat It" and performed the song during the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards.

The band also played it for the 2008 New Year's Party on the U.S. television network FOX. In February 2008, the band released a studio version of "Beat It" with John Mayer on guitar on their live album, ****: Live in Phoenix.

It made its debut as a single in early April 2008. The track has been a moderate success hitting as high as #8 in Canada. A video was released in April 2008 on MTV, with director Shane Drake. On TRL there is a live video available for voting but it does not include John Mayer's solo.

The music video premiered on TRL on April 29, 2008. It features cameos from Tony Hale, Joel David Moore, Hal Sparks and Donald Faison.

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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

[Double Shot] We The Kings

We The Kings - Skyway Avenue [Music Video - TVRip]

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We The Kings - Check Yes Juliet [Music Video - TVRip]

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Sum 41 - With Me [Music Video - TVRip]

On February 4th, Sum 41 announced that they filmed the video for "With Me" on 3rd, and it will be released in the next few weeks. They also announced that the video was shot near Toronto. The music video was released on the band's MySpace on February 28.

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Jason Mraz - I'm Yours [Music Video - TVRip]

The video debuted in March, 2008. The video starts with Jason Mraz sitting on plane and showing different types of beach scenery. He is then seen sitting in hotel room getting ready to go somewhere and then he is seen riding in a taxi.

As the video continues, he is also seen hitching a ride in the back of an open top truck. This continues on until he arrives at park with people skateboarding.

While watching the people skateboarding he is also seen talking to people who are also at the park who eventually talk him into going swimming at a waterfall nearby. From this point on the camera follows him and his new friends through the forest until they arrive at the waterfall and decide to go swimming.

The camera then switches to him surfing in the ocean, him on a bus, and him singing on the beach. Toward the end of the video he is seen riding in a boat and performing the song with his band in front of a small audience while the camera continues to switch back and forth between all of the previous shots.

The video ends with him sitting on the beach while the waves crash against the shore and then the video fades to black.

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From First To Last - Worlds Away [Music Video - TVRip]

The music video was premiered on AOL on April 1, 2008. It shows the band performing in a desert wasteland before being rescued by a helicopter.

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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

[Double Shot] Cobra Starship

Cobra Starship - Snakes On A Plane (Bring It) [Music Video - TVRip]

The video shows four frontmen - William Beckett (The Academy Is...), Maja Ivarsson (The Sounds), Travis McCoy (Gym Class Heroes) and Gabe Saporta (Cobra Starship) walking through Honolulu International Airport, acting as if they were villains hired by Eddie Kim (the film's human antagonist) sneaking snakes on board in their suitcase and guitar case.

They are able to pass through security when Maja distracts the airport worker by taking off her jacket. Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy makes a cameo appearance at the 1 minute and 45 seconds mark, talking on a payphone nervously as the band members pass ominously.

Nevile Flynn (Samuel L. Jackson's character from the movie) also makes a cameo appearance at the 2 minutes 16 seconds mark, lowering his shades and eyeing the band members as they pass, then returning to his 100 Bullets comic.

He is also seen wearing the unofficial Snakes on a Plane T-shirt designed by webcomic artist Jeffrey Rowland (with snakes flying a plane). The video ends with a sign for South Pacific Airlines Flight 121 as the band boards the plane, the same flight as in the film. The video was actually filmed in Burbank, California.

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Cobra Starship - The City Is At War [Music Video - TVRip]

The video for "The City Is at War" premiered on at 10:00pm on December 31, 2007. It was directed by Whitey McConnaughy and features the members of Cobra Starship as gangster-type characters all dressed entirely in white who kill people by hitting them with pies.

This can be considered a homage to the film Bugsy Malone where the characters are also killed by pies. The band is also seen with large amounts of white powder and money, hinting at the cocaine trade. It is later revealed that this white powder is flour for the pies.

Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy and Ben Jorgensen from Armor for Sleep make a cameo as beat cops trying to solve the murders. Doug also makes a cameo appearance as a pie victim, and has the two aforementioned cops walk over his body.

The video ends with the band sitting around a table covered in the counterfeit money before each member reaches for a carefully concealed pie to throw at the others. The video cuts before we see any member of the band get "pied."

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Augustana - Sweet and Low [Music Video - TVRip]

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